The Status Bar on the Home Screen displays your Level, Current FP, Zack Dollars, Guest Points and V Stones.
You can also check your Owner Profile and edit your name, title and message from the Owner button.

In Festivals, you can participate in Festivals (beach volleyball Matches) that are currently being held. Try it out once you get your Outfit ready.

In Outfits, you can change the Swimsuits and Accessories that your Girls wear, as well as Upgrade, Limit Break and Skill Awaken Swimsuits.

In Girls, you can customize your Girls’ Private Outfit (appearance), give gifts to Girls and take Lessons.

In Memories, you can rewatch Gravure Panels and various Episodes.
When you watch them for the first time, you can acquire Owner EXP.

In Gacha, you can use V Stones, Guest Points and various kinds of Gacha Tickets to obtain Swimsuits and Accessories.

In Shop, you can shop for V Stones, FP Recovery Drinks, and other valuable Items.

In Events, you can participate in limited time only Events that are currently in progress.
You can also check the progress and status of Events.

In Post, you can collect rewards gained from various places such as Festivals or Missions.
Check it regularly because some rewards are available for a limited time only.

In Notices, notifications from the administrators are displayed.

In Friends, you can see your current friend list, and lists for unapproved and applying Owners.
You can also directly search for Owners with their ID.

In Mission, you can check your progress of Daily / Weekly / Owner missions and collect rewards.

In Options, you can set various in-game settings including volume and camera controls.

When you log in to the game, you can receive one Login Bonus per day.
The bonus contents do not change for the normal Login Bonus even if you do not log in on a regular basis.
You may not be able to receive a limited time only Login Bonus if you do not log in during the period.

* The Login Bonus is reset daily at 19:00 UTC.

There are 3 general categories of Festivals.
MAIN …… Win and increase your License Rank!
DAILY …… Acquire various materials daily!
EVENT …… Special festivals held for a limited time only!

REC. lists Matches that suit your strength, so use it when you are unsure.

The Parameters and stamina condition of the Owner’s team and opponent’s team are shown on the left and right respectively.
Red numbers show the POW (Power).
Green numbers show the TEC (Technique).
Yellow gauge shows the remaining STM (Stamina).

These displayed Parameters are the total Parameters of the Girls and their Swimsuits.

You win by earning the set number of points for each Match.
The number of points needed to win is different for each Match.

When you have a chance to score, an Attacker and Receiver are elected from both teams.
If the Attacker’s Attack Ability is higher, you get a point.
If the Receiver’s Receive Ability is higher, the rally will continue.

The Attack Ability and Receive Ability change based on Parameters and Skills.

There are two kinds of attacks: Spikes and Feints.
Victory or defeat is decided by the POW of each player’s Spike, or by the TEC of each player’s Feint.

You can change whether to emphasize Spikes or Feints with Strategy.

(Updated: 2020/06/24)

The Tension Gauge will increase as the Match progresses.
The Tension Gauge fills more easily when the girls have higher Appeal.

When the Tension Gauge reaches MAX, you can activate a Tension Burst.
During the Burst, your Power will increase, but your Stamina decreases at a faster rate.

When scoring a point, the higher the Tension Gauge, the more Appeal Points will be awarded.

These points represent the level of excitement that can be gained with successful attacks in a beach volleyball Match. Match results will be based on the total number of Appeal Points acquired during a Match.
(However, if you lose the Match, you will always receive the lowest rating)

The excitement level of a Match is given one of 4 ranks depending on the total amount of Appeal Points you acquire during the Match from D Rank to S Rank.
You receive more rewards when you win for the first time with an S Rank.

There are Trends during Festivals.
Swimsuits that have a Trend Bonus will have special bonuses and properties.

During a Match, Owners can request for a Timeout.
In a Timeout, you can substitute a Girl with a Guest or change Strategies.

You can decide the following 3 strategies:
Attack Methods  … Place more emphasis on Spikes or Feints.
Attacker     … Choose a Girl to Attack with.
Target      … Choose an opponent to target when Attacking.

When you want to leave it to the girls, choose “Auto”.

Guest Girls will act as relief until 2 points are scored.
Change the flow of the Match by substituting Girls with a low Stamina Gauge.

You can get Gravure Panels when a Match ends.
When the Satisfaction Gauge under the panel is filled, one Piece of the Gravure Panel is unlocked.
When the Panel is fully completed, you can watch a Gravure.

Girls set with the Ace setting before the start of the Match will receive the following effects.
The Tension Gauge fills faster when they are involved in scoring points.
The Satisfaction Gauge fills faster for the Ace’s Gravure Panels after the Match ends.

2-15-1_en 2-15-2_en
You can browse the Match Log by pressing the Match Log button on the Results screen.
The following information is recorded in the Match Log along with the time.
 ・Rally progress
 ・Contents of activated Bonuses
 ・Contents of activated Skills
 ・Stamina fluctuations
 ・Appeal Points acquired when scoring

You can browse the Match Log even when ALL SKIP is selected.
You can turn on/off the function that automatically opens it when ALL SKIP is selected from:
Options → Environment Settings → Show LOG after ALL SKIP.

Festival Outfits are Swimsuits used when entering Matches.
A Girl’s abilities will change depending on the Swimsuit and Accessories she wears.
On the Festival Outfits selection screen, drag and drop the Swimsuit and Accessories you want to equip.

When you choose Easy Equip, Swimsuits and Accessories with the highest Parameters will be automatically equipped.
(The effects of Skills and Potentials will not be considered)

Private Outfits are Swimsuits worn ordinarily.
When you give Swimsuits or Accessories to a girl as a Gift, it will be added to her Private Outfits.
Private Outfits will have no effect on Parameters when worn at festivals.

By Synthesizing Swimsuits and Accessories, you can upgrade their Parameters.
Swimsuits and Accessories used for Synthesis will be lost.
You can also Synthesize Swimsuits with Material Items.

You can increase a Swimsuit’s Level Limit level by Synthesizing them with Unlock Stones.
A Swimsuit’s maximum level is based on its rarity.

In addition to a Swimsuit, Girls can equip Accessories on their head, face and arm.
Accessories will give an increase to a parameter, and you can equip Potentials up to the total amount of PP (Potential Points) of Accessories that are worn.
You can obtain Accessories through the Guest Point Gacha or Events.

Skills are automatically activated during a Match when you equip a Swimsuit with Skills.
You can see the Swimsuit’s information for the effect of Skills and activation conditions.

Try various Skills and devise new ways to compete!

【Regarding Skill Activation Conditions】
Different skills have different activation conditions.
The following skills are only activated when the girl, who has it equipped, scores a point.

【Active Skills】
・ Skills that reduce the girl’s own stamina consumption.
・ Skills that increase the opposing girl’s stamina consumption.
・ Skills that increase the rate at which the Tension Gauge fills ups.

【Passive Skills】
・ Skills that reduce the girl’s own stamina consumption.
・ Skills that raise appeal score.

※ These skill do not activate when the opposing team scores, or when the girl’s team mate scores a point.
※ Potentials (Passive ones only) that are equipped on to Outfits, or from equipped Deco-bromides, function in the same way.
※ When the required conditions are met, Active Skills will only take effect with a given probability.
※ The Fever Skills “Killer Spike” and “Sweet Feint” will activate as per described in the skill description.

You can increase a Swimsuit’s Skill Level by combining it with an identical Swimsuit.
You can get Potentials by Awakening high rarity Swimsuits to its maximum Awakening Level.

When you awaken an SSR Swimsuit to its maximum Awakening Level, you will be able to set the
Swimsuit to Malfunction in the Girl’s Private Outfit → Arrange Tab.
(*Some SSR Swimsuits cannot Malfunction and do not have new glamour shots to acquire)

You need an Entry Sheet to invite a girl to the island.
Entry Sheets can be purchased by collecting Venus Coins or SSR Swimsuits.

When you appoint a girl as your Partner, she will appear on the Home screen and you can spend time together.
You can change your partner through the Girls menu on the Home screen.

Girl EXP increases when you win Matches with or give gifts to your Girls.
Girl Level increases when a Girl gains enough EXP, so make them stronger by letting them participate in Festivals.
When their Level increases, besides an increase in Parameters, you can see Memories with them.

Your Girls gain Girl EXP when you give Gifts to them.
You may also receive her Gratitude in return.

When you make a Girl take a Lesson, she gains Girl EXP.
Girls that are in a Lesson cannot participate in Festivals.
You may get Items when the Lesson ends…

One of the Parameters of Girls, Swimsuits and Accessories.
It is the base parameter for Spike Attacks and Receives in beach volleyball.

One of the Parameters of Girls, Swimsuits and Accessories.
It is the base parameter for Feint Attacks and Receives in beach volleyball.

One of the Parameters of Girls, Swimsuits and Accessories.
During a beach volleyball Match, it decreases when you perform an action such as Attacking (Spike or Feint).
When it falls below a certain level, all of your Parameters will receive a penalty.

One of the Parameters of Swimsuits and Accessories.
It shows how well the appearance of Swimsuits and Accessories are received.

The higher the Appeal, the easier it is for the Tension Gauge to fill.

This are Passive Skills Girls have that are always activated.
You can equip Potential up to the PP (Potential Points) of Accessories worn by the girl.

FP (Festival Points) are needed to participate in Festivals.
When FP is below the maximum value, it will gradually recover with time.
The maximum FP value increases with your Owner Level.
When your Owner Level increases, FP is recovered by the maximum FP value.
You can also use FP Recovery Drinks to recover FP by its maximum value.
(For Level Up and recovery with FP Recovery Drinks, when the maximum value is exceeded, it is temporarily exceeded and stocked)

You receive Owner EXP when you watch a Girl’s Gravure or Episodes.
When your Owner Level increases, the upper limit of FP (Festival Points) also increases.

Venus Stones (V Stones) are precious stones necessary to draw from the Gacha.
Besides being attained by various rewards, you can also buy them from Shop.

You can buy special Items with VIP Points.
VIP Points are obtained when you trade Swimsuits and Accessories in Trade Outfit.

With Guest Points, you can draw from the Guest Point Gacha to acquire Items such as gifts.
Guest Points can be acquired by selecting a Guest as a Match substitute player.
You can also acquire more Guest Points by selecting Friends.

When more than one week has elapsed since your last login, new Guest Points will not be granted.

Zack Dollars are the currency of the Venus Islands. They are necessary when doing things such as Synthesizing or Limit Breaking Swimsuits.
In addition to winning Festivals, you can acquire them in various other ways during the game.

Updated: 2019/12/24

For players who have reached License Rank [S], there is a daily “Appeal Point Ranking” that determines their Star Rank. Star Rank ranges from [S] to [SSS+], and if you achieve a higher rank, you will receive various benefits.


  • For Owners who have reached License Rank of S Rank.

Star Rank

  • Based on your Star Ranking, you will be given a Star Rank of S to SSS+.
  • Your Star Ranking will be updated every day at 19:00 UTC.

Star Ranking

  • Your Star Ranking will be decided based on your Appeal Points acquired during this period.
  • Acquired Appeal Points will be reset every Sunday at 19:00 UTC.

Star Rank Score Bonus

A score bonus is added based on your Star Rank.
The higher the Star Rank, the higher the score bonus.

Rank Score Bonus (%)

Tension Gauge Increment

When you substitute your girls with a Guest during matches, the Tension Gauge will rise.
The higher the Star Rank of the Guest, the higher the increment of the Tension Gauge.

Rank Tension Gauge Increment (%)

You can take Promotion Tests if you accumulate enough License Points.
If you pass a Promotion Test, your License Rank will increase and you will be able to try higher ranked Festivals.

When your License Rank increases, the Tension Gauge fills faster, you receive more Appeal Points and various other advantages.

You can buy V Stones and FP Drinks in the Owner Shop.
Trade Outfit lets you exchange Swimsuits and Accessories for VIP Points and Venus Coins.
In the VIP Shop and Venus Shop, you can do special shopping with obtained VIP Points and Venus Coins.

You can receive various rewards when you meet the conditions of a Mission.
There are Daily Missions that are updated every day, Weekly Mission that are updated every week, and Owner Missions that are unlocked by progressing in the game.

A Guest Owner that has participated in your Matches can be added as a Friend.
Owners that are Friends are easier to call as Guests.
Add many friends because you can receive more Guest Points.

Titles can be set on Owner’s Profile.
Create your own unique message by combining multiple Titles.

You can take photos of Girls by pressing the camera button in the upper right of the screen when on the Home screen or Gravure.

You can freely move the camera when in shooting mode.
While pressing left mouse button Moves view (place where eyes are looking).
While holding right mouse button Moves fixation point (gaze).
Mousewheel changes zoom. (Click to shoot)
Shoot button Take a photo. (Same as clicking the middle mouse button)

Auxiliary operations using the keyboard are also supported.
Key Functions Explanation of Operation
[N] Return camera to neutral * Same as pressing N Icon on screen
[G] Changes Girl’s gaze
[C] Enables Camera Control by mouse *Exclusive function
[V] Enables Spray by mouse *Exclusive function
[B] Enables Fan by mouse *Exclusive function
[E] Opens folder where pictures you take are saved.
[F]+ mouse control Changes camera F-number
[T]+ mouse control (up/down) Changes camera focal length
[W] Time Stop * Only with Time-Stopping Hourglass enabled
[Z]+ drag (up/down) Changes camera tilt
[Shift] Increases camera movement speed
[Space] or [Enter] Takes a photo

The following actions are possible when shooting photos.
[N] button     …… Returns camera to initial position.
(Cannot be used in Gravure Panels)
Gaze button     …… Changes whether girl will look at the camera or not.
(Cannot be used in Gravure Panels)
Action button    …… Switches mouse operation between Camera, Fan or Spray.

You will be able to change photo spots and points by progressing in the game.

You can check your User ID by pressing the Owner Profile button on the Home screen.

Your age must be verified in order to purchase V Stones.
Depending on the registered age, there may be limitations on the amount of V Stones you can purchase on a monthly basis.
You can also receive congratulations from the Girls if you register your birthday.
Age authentication and birthday registration can be done when purchasing V Stones from Shop, or from the Options screen.

Please note that your birthday cannot be changed once registered.

You can set the time difference with Venus Island through Options → Environment Settings.

Do not remove headphones while playing the game.
If headphones are inserted when you start playing the game, removing them during the game may cause the game to terminate abnormally.