Installation Process

Game Installation

Go to the official “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation” (DOAXVV) website and click “Play Now”.

Open/Allow the “Steam Client Bootstrapper” in the popup that appears.

DOAXVV installation will begin.

Once DOAXVV is installed, search for it in your Steam library and press “Play”.
The DOAXVV Launcher will open.

You can click “Environment Settings” to adjust the game settings so that it is optimal to your environment.

Click on “Start Game”.

DOAXVV game data will be installed.

Once the game files are downloaded, the game will automatically start.

Changing the Game’s Language

To change the game’s language, right-click on DOAXVV in the Steam Library and click “Properties”.
You can change the language in the [Languages] tab.

You can run the game in the following languages:
Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.
(Please ensure that the game is not running before attempting to change the language)

Reinstalling after cancelling DOAXVV installation

Open 「DOAXVV」through the Steam Library.

In the opened DOAXVV Launcher, click “Game Start”.

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