Compete for 1,000,000 V Stones! The 1st Venus Photo Contest

Thank you for all your entries and votes!

The results of the 1st Venus Photo Contest was announced on 2019/10/9! In the Cute category, the users’ vote winner is “夕阳” by owner Peace_marker, and in the Sexy category the users’ vote winner is “에스테의 완성” by owner Churori. The Grand Prize winners of each category will receive 1 million free V Stones, with the 2nd to 10th place winners and Development Team Prize winners also receiving free V Stones.
Prizes have been distributed to all winners.
* Photo titles and winner names are shown as originally submitted.

Grand Prize

Cute category

Online namePeace_marker


Percentage of Votes25.96%

Sexy category

Online nameChurori

Title에스테의 완성

Percentage of Votes26.71%

Runner-Up Awards

Cute category

Online name替身使者金坷垃


Percentage of Votes14.00%

Cute category

Online nameSyn

TitleThe Luna

Percentage of Votes13.90%

Sexy category

Online nameLaus


Percentage of Votes20.18%

Sexy category

Online nameDimlos


Percentage of Votes14.30%


Cute category

Online nameVoikanaa
TitleCool Breeze

Cute category

Online nameRenato
TitleLuna, Daughter of the Moon

Cute category

Online nameBeckSora

Cute category

Online nameWhite Coffee
TitleMarie is Cute in Everything

Cute category

Online nameMM6

Cute category

Online nameAlt
TitleThe apple of my eye

Cute category

Online nameShady
TitleClear mind training

Sexy category

Online name신사
Title요염한 미사키

Sexy category

Online nameTamaki厨

Sexy category

Online nameMisaki

Sexy category

Online nameFrederickstad

Sexy category

Online nameZantetsu
TitleBeautiful Sunset

Sexy category

Online name叽叭酱

Sexy category

Online name大杯

Development Team Prize


Online name海咲少女不可能这么可爱


Online nameWILCHI

Marie Rose

Online name科赫


Online nameNathanEx
TitleAyane Research Club


Online nameZara
TitleCome here


Online nameJoe
TitleFlower Beauty


Online nameMeiro


Online name迷路


Online nameEtherix
TitleThoughts of you


Online namesakuraberry


Online name武藤喜兵衛


Online nameRNBAY


Grand Prize
top in user votes for each category

・1,000,000 free V Stones
・Image appears in the background of the title screen.
・Released as a wallpaper on the official website.

Runner-Up Awards
2nd & 3rd place user votes for each category

・100,000 free V Stones
・Image appears in the background of the title screen.
・Released as a wallpaper on the official website.

Initial screening finalists, 7 for each category

・10,000 free V Stones
2019.8.23 update

Development Team Prize
1 prize for each Venus, 12 prizes in total

・5,000 free V stones

Entry terms and agreement:

*The following submissions will be disqualified:
・Entries that were not taken from “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation” Steam version.
・Any works that are not in accordance with the entry guidelines.
・Photographs that have been modified using editing software etc.
・Photographs that have been taken in a game that uses altered data or a MOD.
・Any works which depict discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, etc., or which have the possibility to cause distress or discomfort to any third party.
・Any works which are judged by the company to be inappropriate.
* If the organizers judge that unfair practices such as an unusual increase in votes or unfair voting has taken place, we may take measures such as freezing your account or not allowing participation in future contest(s).
* When sending photos by e-mail, files that are 3MB or less can be sent via e-mail. Photos that exceed 3MB should be sent using a file transfer/hosting system. Photo data sent will not be returned.
* Upon submitting, all rights (copyright, design rights) will be transferred to Koei Tecmo Games without payment or other compensation.
* Personal information will only be used for the purposes of running this event, including contacting the entrant and/or sending prizes. Entrants’ personal information will be maintained in accordance with the privacy policies of the Koei Tecmo group and may be kept for a certain period as deemed necessary. Entrants’ personal information will not be offered to or shared with any third party without the consent of the entrant, except as required by law upon request by courts, government, or similar organization.
* This entry agreement assumes Japanese law as the governing law and the TOKYO DISTRICT COURT as the court of the exclusive jurisdiction of any first trials.
* Results as well as how prizes will be given out will be announced on the Official Website.
* Individuals associated with Koei Tecmo Games and with business partners cannot apply.
* We are unable to reply to inquiries about the screening standards of this campaign and screening results.
* Submissions may be subject to secondary use in future promotions such as press releases and used with in-game items.