The contest is now closed.
Thank you for all your entries. We will hereby announce the winning entries for the “1st Venus Swimsuit Contest” held between 2020/04/01~5/13.
The Participation Prize (500 free V Stones) has been distributed. Entries that did not follow the guidelines are not eligible and do not receive the Participation Prize.
Calling for original swimsuit designs!
Have the girls wear swimsuits designed by you!

We’re looking for your ideas of what kind of swimsuits you want to see on the girls!
The design chosen as the Grand Prize will appear in-game at a later date!
We look forward to your entries!


Dear Owners,

Thank you for your many enthusiastic entries!

Unfortunately, there are a very small number of entries that do not follow the guidelines. Please be reminded that the following types of entries will be disqualified, and those entrants will not receive the Participation Prize.

・Entries where the image file (design) is not attached.
・Entries that use a design/photo that is not an original work created by the entrant.
・Entries that have incomplete details (Missing Online name, User ID, Swimsuit Category, Swimsuit Name and/or Swimsuit Explanation)

Before submitting your contest entry, please review the entry guidelines and rules once more and ensure that all the steps are followed.

The contest is open until 5/13, so we continue to look forward to everyone’s entries!

Contest Schedule

2020/4/1 (Wed) End of Maintenance ~ 5/13 (Wed) 23:59 JST



Grand Prize (one winner for each category) – A swimsuit of the winning design will appear in game.
– An in-game present of the winning swimsuit.
– A trophy that can be displayed in the Owner Room.

Participation Prize (all entrants) – 500 free V Stones
  Distributed to all entrants after the contest closes.

Sample Entry

Entry Guideline

Submit the six details listed below by e-mail. Please follow the instructions outlined.

Entry e-mail
①Original swimsuit design Image file 3MB or less (jpg or png)
②Swimsuit category Indicate whether it is for the Cute or Sexy category.
③Name of the original swimsuit 10 character maximum
④Explanation of the original swimsuit Up to 100 characters.
Also include Malfunction information here, within the character limits.
⑤Online name Include your online name (20 character maximum).
Winning entries will have their online names listed on a special page in the website.
⑥User ID Include your user ID (9 digits). This can be confirmed in the game.

*If you enter the wrong ID, your entry will be disqualified.
Correct ID example:
 123-456-789 (9 digits)
Incorrect ID example:
 123-456-789-123-456 (15 digits)
 ab1-2cd-345 (9 alphanumeric characters)

Entry Rules

  • ・Applicants must be 18 years old or older.
  • ・Only one entry per person is allowed. In the case of multiple entries, including re-sending the same entry, only the last entry received will be accepted for entry.
  • ・Entries will only be accepted in the following languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Korean.
  • ・Image file attachments must be 3MB or less. Image data submitted will not be returned.
  • ・Entries can be hand drawn, be 3D renders or use 3D digital tools; there are no specifications as to what tools are used for design.
  • ・The submitted design must be an original work created by the entrant.
  • ・When the swimsuit is implemented in-game, there may be changes or adjustments to the design, and/or changes to the character(s) it is for.
  • ・Gimmicks such as pinchable options or breakable parts cannot be designated.
  • ・If accessory designs are also submitted, they may not be released at the same time as the swimsuit.
  • ・The results will be announced sometime in 2020.

*The following submissions will be disqualified:
  • ・Any works that are not in accordance with the entry rules and/or guidelines.
  • ・Any works that are determined to not be an original design created by the entrant.
  • ・Any works which depict discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, etc., or which have the possibility to cause distress or discomfort to any third party.
  • ・Any works which are judged by the company to be inappropriate.

Contest Terms and Agreement

  • * Upon submitting, all rights (copyright, design rights) will be transferred to KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. without payment or other compensation
  • * Personal information will only be used for the purposes of running this event, including contacting the entrant and/or sending prizes. Entrants’ personal information will be maintained in accordance with the privacy policies of the Koei Tecmo group and may be kept for a certain period as deemed necessary. Entrants’ personal information will not be offered to or shared with any third party without the consent of the entrant, except as required by law upon request by courts, government, or similar organization.
  • * This entry agreement assumes Japanese law as the governing law and the TOKYO DISTRICT COURT as the court of the exclusive jurisdiction of any first trials.
  • * Winners and how prizes will be awarded will be announced on the official website.
  • * Individuals associated with KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. and its business partners cannot apply.
  • * We are unable to reply to inquiries about the screening standards of this campaign and screening results.
  • * Submissions may be subject to secondary use in future promotions such as press releases and used with in-game items.
  • * Winning submissions may be released and sold on platforms other than Steam.

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