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“Tower Festival~Venus Adventure~” Start Notification

2020/09/23 (Wed)
Thank you very much for playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”

The following will start from 09/23 (Wed).

Tower Festival~Venus Adventure~

Event Period

2020/09/23 (Wed) After maintenance ~ 2020/09/29 (Tue) 14:59 UTC

Event Overview

In the “Tower Festival~Venus Adventure~,” challenge the “Tower Festival” where the girls' stamina will not be fully replenished between matches.
The “Wisdom & Courage Trophies” you gain from winning in the Festivals can be used in the “Event Shop” in exchange for items.

As Honoka and Misaki resume their adventure, Hitomi comes into view,
wearing a blue suit of armor (swimsuit). Hitomi explains that she was separated
from Luna, who holds a clue to finding the treasure.
Hitomi joins the party as their third member, and the adventure continues...

Featured Event Score Rewards

You can earn various rewards based on the score you get during the Event.
Oktoberfest Coins
Event Episodes
Trendy Ticket
FP Refill Drink

Featured Ranking Rewards

Water Lily Earrings
Nostalgic SSR Ticket
Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupon
Skill Awakening Gem
VIP Coins
FP Refill Drink
<Important>Ranking Rewards Distribution Dates
Ranking Rewards for this Event will be distributed after the rankings have been determined,
from 2020/09/29 (Tue) 19:00 UTC onwards.
Accessory “Water Lily Earrings (Kanna)”
Kanna's special SSR Accessory.
Max PP for Potentials (Maximum cost limit for equipping Potentials) is “18!”
The number of combinations for equipping Potentials increases!

Water Lily Earrings (Kanna)
LV. 1
Maximum PP18
Skill【Miraculous Stamina A】
15% chance,
Stamina Consumption -40%
Can only be worn by Kanna.

“Water Lily Earrings (Kanna)” does not include an Entry Sheet for Kanna.

For each “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (2020/04),” you can get a guaranteed Limited SSR Swimsuit from the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket Gacha (2020/04)!”

The Swimsuits you can get from the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (2020/04)” are as follows.
    Relaxing Knit (Kasumi)
    Angel's Smile (Honoka)
    Princess Rosette (Marie)
    Blue Peace (Ayane)
    Marionette (Nyotengu)
    Madeleine (Kokoro)
    Sunlight Humming (Hitomi)
    Norimaki (Momiji)
    Platinum Fizz (Helena)
    Sandwich (Misaki)
    Wonderland (Luna)
    Linarite Prism (Tamaki)
    Pinky Plum (Leifang)
For details about the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket Gacha (2020/04),” please click here for more details.
Collect 8 “Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupons (2020/04)” and exchange them for one “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (2020/04)!”

“Tower Festival” Match Special Rules

When you clear the “Entrance” festival for each level, you will enter the “Tower Festival.”
You won’t be able to enter other festivals during the “Tower Festival.”
Festivals on other levels cannot be entered.
★ How to end the “Tower Festival”
You will be able to challenge other festivals by winning the festival on the top level of the “Tower Festival” with an S-Rank Evaluation, or by ending the challenge using the button below.

How far can you progress with a limited amount of stamina!?

The girls' Stamina will not fully replenish between matches in the “Tower Festival!”
Stamina will recover slightly after each match!

Stamina will increase more for girls who didn't participate in the match!
You may consume more Stamina than the amount recovered in a match.

When recovers
When decreases

When you clear each level for the first time, you can get fantastic rewards such as “100 FP Refill Drinks.” Furthermore, by defeating the Floor Masters, you can get “Exclusive Titles.”
★ About “100 FP Refill Drinks”

The “100 FP Refill Drink” refills your FP by 100, regardless of your Owner Level.
When your FP is not full, you may use either an “FP Refill Drink” or a “100 FP Refill Drink” to refill your FP.
When your FP exceeds the maximum limit, you may not use any “FP Refill Drinks.”

Title How to acquire
Wisdom & Courage Tower Tower MasterWin the "SS Rank Tower Master" with an S Rank
Wisdom & Courage Tower Grand MasterWin the "SS+ Rank Grand Master" with an S Rank
Wisdom & Courage Tower MasterWin the "SS+ Rank Arena" with an S Rank

Besides the “Tower Festival,” there is an “Arena” for each rank level.

Because the “Arena” does not have the special rules of the Tower Festival, it is possible to challenge it repeatedly with the same team, since the girls' stamina will not deplete after each match.

In addition, when clearing the “Arena” with an S Rank or higher, there will be a bonus to your acquired score.
Achieve higher scores when completing “Arenas” of higher ranks!

Tips to send you on your way to the Arena Festival on higher floors!

The following points are key to unlocking the Arena Festival on the higher floors.

When you defeat the Floor Master on the top level of each floor with an S-Rank Evaluation, the Entrance Festival to the next floor will appear, along with the respective Arena Festivals

Reach the Border Score
to advance to the next floor
If you can't reach it,
you'll have to try again

The “Arena Festivals” of each floor do not lead to Tower Festivals.
Exclusive titles can be acquired by defeating the Floor Masters of certain floors.

Participating in a match with low Stamina will reduce the amount of appeal points earned.
Consider the following points to get your girl into her best condition!
★ Recover a girl’s stamina with Trendy Swimsuits!
Your girls' post-match stamina recovery will increase when participating in a match while equipped with their respective Trendy Swimsuits.
※ This is only for “Trendy Swimsuits.”

Acquisition score bonuses can be confirmed on the Results screen.

★ Have various girls participate and preserve their stamina!
Girls not participating in matches will recover their stamina at a constant rate.
As the Swimsuits “Frothy Maid” and “Venus Valkyrie” have Trendy effects, equip your benched girls with the Trendy Outfits and have them participate in the Festivals as well!
★ Preserve stamina by substituting with guests!
When guest girls are in a match, the stamina of the substituted girl does not decrease.
Her stamina recovers a little after switching, so it can be preserved / recovered.

In the “Tower Festival,” the number of rounds that the invited guest can participate in increases from 2 to 3!! Preserve your stamina with the help of a friend!

Wear a Trendy Outfit to get the Trend Bonus!

The following Outfits will activate Trend effects in the Event Festival:
Type Swimsuit Name Category Trend/Special Effects
Frothy Maid
Extra Large increase to Drop Count!
Increases even more when Max Awakened!
Guaranteed “Huge Success” for
Owner Room Job “'Create a Written
Report' as friends!” (Get 3 x )
Large increase to earned Girl EXP!
Extra Large increase to Acquired Score!
Extra Large bonus to !
Extra Large increase to “Tower Festival”
recovery amount!
Venus Valkyrie
Venus Valkyrie
Medium increase to Drop Count!
Increases even more when Max Awakened!
Medium increase to Acquired Score!
Extra Large bonus to !
Extra Large increase to “Tower Festival”
recovery amount!
Beluga Glasses
(Any Girl)

Small increase to Drop Count!
Small increase to Acquired Score!
Small bonus to !
bonuses indicate parameter ratios.
Through the Gachas below, you can get the following SSR Swimsuits that will activate Trend Bonuses during the Event Festival.

Frothy Maid

For details about the above Gachas, please click here.

Venus Valkyrie

For details about the above Gachas, please click here.

Event-Exclusive Shop

Event Period

2020/09/23 (Wed) After maintenance ~ 2020/10/07 (Wed) Start of maintenance

Trade for Event-Exclusive Items!

Collect “Wisdom & Courage Trophies” to exchange them for gorgeous prizes!
After the event-only shop is closed, you will no longer be able to use “Wisdom & Courage Trophies.”

Wisdom & Courage Trophy Bonus Exchange

Beluga Glasses
(Any Girl)
Episode Coins
Pose Card
“Patting Thighs”
Unlock POW Stone
Unlock TEC Stone
Unlock STM Stone
Unlock APL Stone

Owner's Room Update Contents - New “Oktoberfest” Furniture Added!

Update Timing

2020/09/23 (Wed) After maintenance ~ 2020/09/30 (Wed) Start of maintenance

Furniture added to the Closeness Medal Exclusive Shop

Frothy wallpaper
Mug lamp
Oktoberfest Feast Table
Mini Barrel

The furniture above will only be available for a limited time.


The contents, dates, and times of the Event may change without prior notice. We ask for your understanding in advance.
The game screens used in this notification are still under development.
Please note that limited time only Events, Swimsuits, Accessories, and items may reappear.
We ask for your understanding in advance.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”
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