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“Bonding Festival ~ The Ogre Does It Too ~”

“Bonding Festival ~ The Ogre Does It Too ~” Start Notification

2021/02/03 (Wed)
Thank you very much for playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”

“Bonding Festival ~ The Ogre Does It Too ~” will be held from 02/03 (Wed).

Bonding Festival ~ The Ogre Does It Too ~

Event Period

2021/02/03 (Wed) After maintenance ~ 2021/02/09 (Tue) 14:59 UTC

Event Details

In the “Bonding Festival ~ The Ogre Does It Too ~,” enter the Event-only Festivals while cooperating with friends, and compete for a ranking based on your acquired score.

Besides welcoming the girls on your friends' teams as guests, you can share special bonuses with them by joining your friends' matches as a guest.

Kanna pays a visit to the boss in his room.
Just as she declares she will not be going outside today, Ayane and Leifang come in, saying they have finished preparing for Setsubun.
Kanna despises the Setsubun tradition, but the two other girls come up with an idea to cheer her up.

Featured Event Score Rewards

You can earn various rewards based on the score you get during the Event.
Event Episodes
Gacha Ticket
FP Refill Drink
Hidaka Unlock APL Stone
Trendy Ticket
Shiny Deco-pen
Unconcealable Charm 1
Unconcealable Charm 1
Unconcealable Charm 1

Featured Ranking Rewards

Black Suits Earrings
Skill Awakening Gem
VIP Coins
SSR Gacha Coupon
Nostalgic SSR Ticket
(April 2020)
Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupon
(April 2020)
<Important>Ranking Rewards Distribution Dates
Ranking Rewards for this Event will be distributed after the rankings have been determined,
from 2021/02/09 (Tue) 19:00 UTC onwards.
Collect 8 “SSR Gacha Coupons” and exchange them for one “SSR Ticket”
(They carry over even after the Event ends.)

Accessory “Black Suits Earrings (Monica)”
Monica's special SSR Accessory.
Max PP for Potentials (Maximum cost limit for equipping Potentials) is “18!”
The number of combinations for equipping Potentials increases!

Black Suits Earrings (Monica)
LV. --
Maximum PP18
Skill【Miraculous Stamina E】
35% chance,
Stamina Consumption -20%
Can only be worn by Monica.

“Black Suits Earrings (Monica)” does not include an Entry Sheet for Monica.

For each “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (April 2020),” you can get a guaranteed Limited SSR Swimsuit from the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket Gacha (April 2020)!”

The Swimsuits you can get from the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (April 2020)” are as follows.
    Relaxing Knit (Kasumi)
    Angel's Smile (Honoka)
    Princess Rosette (Marie)
    Blue Peace (Ayane)
    Marionette (Nyotengu)
    Madeleine (Kokoro)
    Sunlight Humming (Hitomi)
    Norimaki (Momiji)
    Platinum Fizz (Helena)
    Sandwich (Misaki)
    Wonderland (Luna)
    Linarite Prism (Tamaki)
    Pinky Plum (Leifang)
For details about the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket Gacha (April 2020),” please click here for more details.
Collect 8 “Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupons (April 2020)” and exchange them for one “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (April 2020)!”

Covergirl Bonus

By equipping “Auspicious Blossom (),” “Hidaka (Any Girl),” “Ogre's Fortune (Ayane),” “Ogre's Fortune (Kanna)” and “Ogre's Fortune (Leifang)” as Festival Outfits during the event period, you can appoint the girl as a “Covergirl.”

Appointing a girl as a “Covergirl” increases the acquired scores due to her Covergirl Bonus.
The Covergirl Bonus effect will increase depending on the number of “Covergirls.”
If a girl is a “Covergirl,” the Covergirl Bonus effect for her Swimsuit will increase further depending on its skill awakening.
Girls not participating in matches can also be appointed as “Covergirls.”

When selecting a friend as your guest, you'll get a “Bonding Bonus.”
Collect “Covergirl Swimsuits” and increase the “Bonding Bonus!”

The following points are essential to obtaining a lot of “Bonding Bonuses.”
  • Increases based on how high yourCovergirl Bonus” is!
  • Increases based on how high your friend’sCovergirl Bonus” is!
You can confirm the “Bond Sharing Percentage” your friend will receive before the match.

Your “Bonding Bonuses” will be shared with a friend at no reduction.
The “Distribution of Bonding Shares” is based on the ratio of “Covergirl Bonuses” obtained by you and your friend.

You can receive “Bonding Shares” when your friends select you as a guest.
Collect “Covergirl Swimsuits” and increase the “Bonding Bonus!”

Bonding Shares” will increase according to how high yourCovergirl Bonus” is.

Collect “Covergirl Swimsuits” and increase your score efficiency!

You will gain “Covergirl Bonuses” when you equip “Covergirl Swimsuits” and win in Event Festivals.

Equip all your girls with Covergirl Swimsuits to maximize your “Covergirl Bonus!”

The Covergirl Bonus increases when more girls are wearing Covergirl Swimsuits.
Girls not participating in Matches will also activate Covergirl Bonus effects.
Equip as many girls as possible with Covergirl Swimsuits, and aim for a high score!

At Max Skill Awakening, the “Covergirl Bonus” increases even more!

When Covergirl Swimsuits are Skill Awakened, Covergirl Bonus effects are increased!
★ 0★ 1★ 2 ★3★ 4

Ogre's Fortune
(Ayane, Kanna, Leifang)

Auspicious Blossom

(Any Girl)

+2%+2%+2%+2% +3%
Collect “Skill Awakening Stones (Hidaka)” in the Ogre Bean-Throwing Festival!

There is a chance that “Skill Awakening Stones (Hidaka)” will drop from Ogre Bean-Throwing Festival.
Max Awaken “Hidaka” using your collected “Skill Awakening Stones (Hidaka)” to increase the “Covergirl Bonus!”

Will not drop for E Ranks Festivals.
The higher the Festival's Rank, the higher chance it drops.

Trend and Covergirl Swimsuit List

The following Covergirl Swimsuits will have Trend bonuses in the Event Festival, and will greatly increase in power.
They will also receive special event-only effects.

Type Swimsuit Name Category Trend/Special Effects

Ogre's Fortune
(Ayane, Kanna, Leifang)
Extra Large increase to Drop Count!
Increases even more when Max Awakened!
Guaranteed “Huge Success” for
Owner Room Job “'Create a Written
Report' as friends!” (Get 3 x )
Drop amount increases by 2!
Increases by 4 instead when Max Awakened!
Covergirl effects will activate!
Large increase to earned Girl EXP!
Extra Large increase to Acquired Score!
Extra Large bonus to !
Auspicious Blossom
Covergirl effects will activate!

(Any Girl)
Large increase to Drop Count!
Increases even more when Max Awakened!
Drop amount increases by 1!
Increases by 2 instead when Max Awakened!
Covergirl effects will activate!
Small increase to Acquired Score!
Large bonus to !
Red Ogre Mask
(Any Girl)

Small increase to Drop Count!
Small bonus to !
bonuses indicate parameter ratios.
Through the Gachas below, you can get the following SSR Swimsuits that will activate Trend Bonuses during the Event Festival.

Get Covergirl Swimsuits in the Gacha!

If no SSR appears in your draw, at least one SR Covergirl Swimsuit “Hidaka” will be guaranteed with every 10-Draw Gacha
Get as much advantage as possible for the event by getting lots of Covergirl Swimsuits!

For details about the above Gachas, please click here.

Event-Exclusive Shop

Event Period

2021/02/03 (Wed) After maintenance ~ 2021/02/17 (Wed) Start of maintenance

Trade for Event-Exclusive Items!

Collect “Golden Setsubun Trophies” to exchange them for gorgeous prizes!
After the event-only shop is closed, you will no longer be able to use “Golden Setsubun Trophies.”

Featured Golden Setsubun Trophies Exchange Items

Red Ogre Mask
(Any Girl)
Unconcealable Charm 1
Unconcealable Charm 1
Unconcealable Charm 1
Episode Coins
Pose Card
“Sitting, Wide-Angled
Forward Bend”
Unlock POW Stone
Unlock TEC Stone
Unlock STM Stone


The contents, dates, and times of the Event may change without prior notice. We ask for your understanding in advance.
The game screens used in this notification are still under development.
Please note that limited time only Events, Swimsuits, Accessories, and items may reappear.
We ask for your understanding in advance.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”
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