New activity, “Rock Climbing,” now available

2019/11/05 (Tue)

Thank you very much for playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”

From 11/05 (Tue) onwards, a new activity, “Rock Climbing,” will be available for a limited time only.

■ About Rock Climbing

A girl's “Potentials” can be upgraded via “Rock Climbing.”

Only 1 girl may challenge Rock Climbing at any time. While a challenge is in progress, other girls will not be able to start a new challenge. Rock Climbing will be unavailable after the event period.

■ How to play Rock Climbing

① Let's start Rock Climbing

From the Event Top page, select a girl to do the challenge and click the “Challenge Rock Climbing” button.

The “Diamond Power” Potential will be given to girls doing the challenge for the first time

Girls challenging Rock Climbing for the first time will receive the “Diamond Power” Potential, which can easily be upgraded via Rock Climbing!
In order to get the “Diamond Power” Potential, please be sure to click the “Challenge Rock Climbing” button from the Event Top page.

② Choosing the Potential to be upgraded by Rock Climbing!

The “Challenge Rock Climbing” button leads to the “Select Potential” screen.
1. Select the Potential to be upgraded from the “Potential List!”

List of Potentials the girl has. Click on a Potential to select it. Potentials which has been upgraded to their max level, as well as Potentials which cannot be upgraded will be greyed-out.

2. Check the upgraded effects in “Selected Potential!”

Shows how the selected Potential will be upgraded.
An upgraded Potential has a “★” appended to its name, and the color of its frame changes depending on the upgrade level.

3. Check how many Guts Pts are needed to reach the top in “Rock Climbing Info!”

Information of the Rocking Climbing needed to upgrade this Potential is displayed.

To the top Guts Pts necessary to reach the top.
The Potential will be upgraded by 1 level upon reaching the top.
Next move Taking a step up the cliff is indicated as a “Move,” and the Guts Pts necessary for the next “Move” is displayed.
If the current Guts Pts is less than this amount, Rock Climbing cannot begin.

4. Verify the “Girl's Guts Pts” and give her some Guts!

The girl's current Guts Pts as well as your quantity of “Guts Drinks” are displayed. Clicking the “+” to the right of the Guts Pts leads to the Guts Drink Consumption screen.

Here you can set the number of Guts Drinks to be used.
The higher the girl's STM, the more Guts Pts she will get from Guts Drinks.

In addition, wearing Trendy Swimsuits as the Festival Outfit will further increase this effect.

■ How to get Guts Drinks
5. “Challenge” or “Retire;” use your judgement!

Challenge Rock Climbing will begin.
Retire Retire from the Rock Climbing currently being challenged.
The quantity of “Difficult Route Keys” needed to upgrade powerful Potentials will be displayed. Rock Climbing cannot begin if this requirement is not met.

■ How to obtain Difficult Route Keys
Please refer to the “First Rock Climbing Start Notification” for how to play “First Rock Climbing.”

② Watch over the girl in the Rock Climbing screen!

In the Rock Climbing screen, watch over the girl as she makes her way up the cliff!
1. Use the “remaining Guts Pts” to verify the progress!

Remaining Guts Pts as well as Pts necessary to reach the top are displayed.
Rock Climbing will be halted if Guts Pts run out.

■ When Rock Climbing is halted

2. Verify the necessary Guts Pts in “Guts Pts needed for the next move!”

The Guts Pts needed to take the next step up the cliff is displayed.
The Guts Pts necessary for each “Move” changes depending on the Potential being upgraded.

3. Verify the effects of cheering in “Guts Pts recovered by Cheering Bonus!”

“Cheering Bonus” occurs when girls who are cheering wear Trendy Swimsuits. Please refer to this regarding the “effects of cheering from the girls.”

4. Verify the Potential being upgraded in “Selected Potential!”

The Potential being upgraded is displayed.

5. Master Rock Climbing using the “Control Buttons!”

x 2 Doubles the speed of Rock Climbing.
AUTO Toggles Rock Climbing's auto-progress between “ON” and “OFF.”
ALL SKIP Takes you straight to the climbing results.
PAUSE Pause Rock Climbing.
Photos can still be taken when Rock Climbing is paused.
Shoot Enter Photoshoot Mode.
Controls are the same as taking photos during a Volleyball match.
Change View Change camera position.
The following variations are available.
1. Viewpoints to look at the girl who is Rock Climbing.
(from below; from the left; from above)
2. Viewpoint where the cheering girls are visible.

Has no effects on Rock Climbing results.
If AUTO is “OFF,” the girl will stay where she is after a move.

■ Support the girl who is Rock Climbing! Occasionally a bit of mischief as well!?

As the Boss, let's support the girl who is Rock Climbing.

■ When her Stamina runs out, give her some Guts!

When Guts Pts run out during Rock Climbing, Rock Climbing will be halted.
If “Guts Drinks” are used on the spot, Rock Climbing will resume.

Let the cheering girls wear Trendy Swimsuits to accumulate more Guts!

“Cheering Bonus” occurs when girls who are cheering wear Trendy Swimsuits.
Cheering Bonus has the effect of recovering a portion of the Guts Pts which are expended. The more girls wearing Trendy Swimsuits, the greater this effect becomes.
(The Swimsuits' rarities do not affect this.)
Conditions for cheering girls
If one of the above girls is the one who's Rock Climbing, the number of cheering girls will be reduced.

■ Touch the climbing girl to cheer her on! Even the forbidden Pinching!?

Has no effects whatsoever on Rock Climbing results.

■ Notes

The contents, dates, and times of the campaign may change without prior notice. We ask for your understanding in advance.
The game screens used in this notification are still under development.
Please note that limited time only Events, Swimsuits, Accessories, and items may reappear.
We ask for your understanding in advance.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”