DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation

Rules for "Blackjack" at the Casino

2021/03/30 (Tue)
2021/04/23(Fri) 16:00 UTC (Updated)
■ "Gold Chip Exchange" Renewal Notification
The "Gold Chip Exchange" renewal will occur at 4/28 05:30 UTC.
Please take note that as part of the renewal process, all "Gold Chips" held by Owners will be converted to "Silver Chips" automatically, and the limit for obtaining Gold Chips will also be reset for all Owners.

The new "Casino" activity gives you an opportunity to bet chips on casino games.
If you win, you can exchange the chips you've earned for special prizes!

■ Try out "Casino" and win some rewards!

Win games to earn Silver and Gold Chips.
Which you can trade in for special prizes at the Chip Exchange!

Silver Chips are required to play games at the casino.

Gold Chips are sometimes awarded along with Silver Chips when winning a game.
These can be traded in for prizes.
There is a limit to the number of Gold Chips you can hold.
The number shown beside "BANK" in the image above indicates how many you can hold.

Gold Chips are automatically converted into Silver Chips if your game exceeds the Blackjack event period.
※ The number of Gold Chips you can acquire is reset when your Blackjack game exceeds the event period.

The Chip Exchange is a place where you can trade in your chips for new photo shoot items like “Props” and other special prizes.
※ For an explanation about the "Props", please check here.

■ Go into the "Casino" and get "Silver Chips" from Monica!

You can get Silver Chips, required to enter the Casino from Monica, up to 3 times a day.

※ You can get more when the number of Silver Chips in your possession falls below the amount required to play casino games.
※ The number of times you can get Silver Chips is reset daily at 18:59 UTC.

■ Play a round of Blackjack with Monica!

■ Basic Rules

■ Winning and losing

■ How to Enjoy the Event

The girl you partner with will cheer you on at the casino!
Select your favorite girl to be your "Partner. "
If you select Monica as your "Partner, " just the two of you will have a showdown.

Decide on a rate for the Silver Chips you want to bet.

Set the number of Silver Chips you want to bet in increments,
as determined by the Bet Rate specified in ④.

A card will be drawn each time you select "Hit. "
Use this if it looks like you'll lose to the dealer!

Selecting "Stand" will have you keep your current cards and stop drawing.
If your total points exceed 21,it results in a "BUST, " and you lose. So if you think you have a high enough total to beat the dealer, choose "Stand" to prevent a BUST!

■ Special Options

Once you get a feel for the game, using options other than "Hit" and "Stand" could increase your chances of winning!

The "Double Down" option lets you double the money of your original wager, draw one more card, and see how you do against the dealer with those three cards in total.
If it seems like you just need one more card to beat the dealer, try using "Double Down"!

* "Double Down" cannot be used after using "Hit".

"Split" can be used when the first two cards you are dealt are of the same number. You can split them up and play them as separate hands, betting the same amount of money for each hand.
Use "Split" when dealt two Aces, or if the dealer has a low card!

* Reaching 21 with 2 cards after using "Split" will not be considered a Blackjack (getting 21 with the first two cards).
* "Split" can be used up to 2 times per game.

The "Surrender" option allows you to opt out of the game early, and get back half the Silver Coins you bet.
Use "Surrender" if it looks like you'll lose to the dealer!

"Insurance" is a way to bet an extra amount that is half your wager, if you think the dealer will get a Blackjack (21 with two cards).
When using "Insurance", and the dealer does get a Blackjack, the game ends in a tie.

If both dealer and player get a Blackjack, it normally ends in a tie.
"Even Money" is a way to use an extra amount that is half your wager to guarantee yourself a win,
if you get a Blackjack, regardless of what the dealer gets.

■ Play in Comfort

Pressing the "Auto" button will make your partner play in your place for 3 games.

Pressing the "Skip" button lets you skip graphical sequences.

■ Featured "Casino" Prizes

When giving a "Prop" to a girl as a gift, she will use it in her poses during the photo shoot.
※ For more details about the “Props” please check here for more information.

When selecting "Reset Shop, " your Silver Chips will be consumed so that you can purchase sold-out prizes again.

* "Reset Shop" can be used 10 times per week, and this number is reset every Monday at 18:59 UTC.
* The more "Reset Shop" is used, the more Silver Chips will be needed to reset.
* Only the "Silver Chip Exchange" can be reset.


Two decks of 52 cards are used in Blackjack (for 104 cards in total), so it is possible to be dealt two of the same card, but no more.

Once the game has ended, all cards used in that game are shuffled back into the deck. Because of this, it is possible to be dealt the same card multiple games in a row.

* In actual casinos, cards are only shuffled back into the deck after several games have been played.

There is a limit to the number of Gold Chips you can hold. The number shown in the "BANK" image above indicates how many more you can hold.
That number is reset once the Blackjack freeplay period has expired.

The "Split" option can only be used twice per game.

■ Notes

・ The contents, dates, and times of the Event may change without prior notice. We ask for your understanding in advance.
・ The game screens used in this notification are still under development.
・Please note that limited time only Events, Swimsuits, Accessories, and items may reappear.
We ask for your understanding in advance

Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”
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