DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation
Star Outfit Gacha (Monica)

“Star Outfit Gacha (Monica)” Start Notification

2020/12/10 (Thu)
(Updated) 2020/12/16 (Wed)
Thank you very much for playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”

The following will start from 12/10 (Thu).

Star Outfit Gacha (Monica)

Event Period

2020/12/10 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 2020/12/22 (Tue) 18:59 UTC.

In the “Star Outfit Gacha (Monica),” the following Swimsuits will appear more often:

Queen of Spades (Monica)
Leprechaun (Monica)
Fashionable One-Piece (Monica)

(Check the following for more details.)

When doing a Single Draw Gacha, you will receive 1 “Monica Star” as a bonus.
When doing a 10-Draw Gacha, you will receive 10 “Monica Stars” as a bonus.

Please check Regarding the Exchange of “Monica Stars” for Monica Exclusive SSR Swimsuits for more details.

“Star Outfit Gacha (Monica)” can only be drawn with Paid V-Stones.
Pickup Swimsuits are set to appear more often than Swimsuits of the same rarity in the “Venus Gacha.”
SSR Swimsuit “Queen of Spades (Monica),” SR Swimsuit “Leprechaun (Monica),” SR Swimsuit “Fashionable One-Piece (Monica)” are limited time only Swimsuits.
They are not included in the “SSR Swimsuit Ticket Gacha” or the “Venus Gacha.”
However, they may be added in the future.
After the Star Outfit Gacha ends, you cannot get Monica until Gachas with “Monica-exclusive swimsuits” are held.
Monica cannot be selected as a partner at the beginning of the game.
Limited time only Swimsuits may reappear.
Specifications for Gacha may change without prior notice.
For more details, please check the Gacha Details page.

“Star Outfit Gacha (Monica)” Limited Pickup Swimsuits

Queen of Spades (Monica)
LV. 90
Skill【Miraculous Stamina E】
55% chance,
Stamina Consumption -40%
Skill【Stamina from Within 4】
Stamina Consumption -10%
Skill【Sweet Feint】
After a successful feint,
Appeal Points gained+30%
Can only be worn by Monica.

During the Limited Festival “Monica's Challenge ~Beauty Secrets~,” special effects will activate when worn as a Festival Outfit.

Please check “Rock Climbing Festival~Power to See Through” Start Notification for more details.
Please check “Monica's Challenge ~Beauty Secrets~” Start Notification for more details.
Parameters above are when the Swimsuit is at its maximum level.

The following Skill will be obtained as a Potential when Skill Awakening is maxed out!
Stamina from Within 4PP 12
Stamina Consumption -10%
Fever Skill Introduction “Queen of Spades (Monica)”
Get a “Fever Skill Bonus” when Monica successfully performs a “Feint!” Boost Appeal Points
by up to 30%!

Use Fever Skills to boost your Appeal Points!

Fever Skills allow you to get “Fever Skill Bonuses” if the required conditions are met and an Attack is successful. Fever Skill Bonuses increases your Appeal Points. This means you'll be able to get a higher score during a match.
You'll see special effects at the start of the match if a girl is equipped with a Swimsuit that holds a Fever Skill!

Fever Skills earn you Bonus Points, which are added to the Appeal Points you would earn ordinarily. This increases your Total Appeal Points!

To earn the Fever Skill Bonuses, you must meet the skill's conditions during the match.

This is the Bromide you'll unlock when you get the Swimsuit!

And when Skill Awakening is maxed out...another Bromide will be unlocked!

Regarding the Exchange of “Monica Stars” for Monica Exclusive SSR Swimsuits

“Monica Stars” are given as a bonus when drawing from the “Star Outfit Gacha (Monica).” You can exchange 200 “Monica Stars” for an SSR Swimsuit exclusive to Monica at the “Monica Star Bonus Exchange.”

Exchange 200 “Monica Stars” for a Monica-exclusive SSR Swimsuit!

Queen of Spades

Monica Stars ×200 ※ Exchange is limited to once per Swimsuit.
Acquiring “Monica Stars”
“Monica Stars” are given as a bonus when drawing from the “Star Outfit Gacha (Monica)” of the current Event “Monica's Challenge ~Beauty Secrets~.”
The “Monica Stars” obtained from past Event's Gacha are the same item.
Regarding the Exchange Limit of “Queen of Spades (Monica)” using “Monica Stars”
“Queen of Spades (Monica)” can be exchanged using “Monica Stars” only once during the period listed below.

■ Target Period
2020/12/10 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 2020/12/30 (Wed) Start of maintenance

After the target period, you cannot exchange “Monica Stars” for “Queen of Spades (Monica).”
When can “Monica Stars” be used
“Monica Stars” are limited time only items.
They cannot be used once the “Monica Star Bonus Exchange” ends on 2020/12/30 (Wed) 05:30 UTC.

“Monica Stars” can be exchanged for other items Including “Monica Coins!”

The “Monica Star” can be exchanged for other items, such as the SR Accessory “Black Baccarat (Monica)” and “Monica Coins.”
Black Baccarat
★ Get Monica-exclusive “Photoshoot spots!”

Collect “Monica Coins” to exchange for “Photoshoot spots” at the Monica Shop!

Monica-exclusive Photoshoot spots can only be purchased after you have invited Monica.

Get a Deco-bromide “Stamina from Within 9 (Monica)!”

Deco-bromide “Stamina from Within 9 (Monica)” can be obtained as a reward from a limited-time photoshoot mission, which is only accessible after obtaining a “Queen of Spades (Monica).”
★ Clear Time limited Event Missions!

Have Monica wear the “Queen of Spades (Monica)” swimsuit as a Private Outfit, and take a photo of her at the Home Screen.
You'll get the Deco-bromide “Stamina from Within 9 (Monica)” as a reward!

■ Target Period
2020/12/10 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 2020/12/30 (Wed) Start of maintenance

“Stamina from Within 9 (Monica)” is a Deco-bromide that can be obtained during future events.
The “Stamina from Within 9 (Monica)” is a different Deco-bromide from the “Flashy Technique 9 (Monica)” previously obtainable through a photoshoot mission with the “Royal Flush (Monica).”

Get the “Clothing Change” Extra Episode!

Only for SSR Swimsuit “Queen of Spades!” Unlock the “Clothing Change” Extra Episodes!

In the “Monica's Challenge ~Beauty Secrets~” event which is currently being held, when you clear the various missions that you get after acquiring Monica's SSR Swimsuit “Queen of Spades (Monica)” her “Clothing Change” Extra Episode will be unlocked.

■ Target Period
2020/12/10 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 2020/12/30 (Wed) Start of maintenance
You can get Owner EXP by watching the unlocked episode.
After the “Star Outfit Gacha (Monica)” ends, the above “Extra Episode” cannot be unlocked.
Be sure to receive the reward from an Event Mission during the period.

Owners who have unlocked “Malfunction” for the SSR Swimsuit “Queen of Spades” can enjoy a special situation as a perk!

How to Enjoy
Set an SSR Swimsuit “Queen of Spades” with malfunction unlocked as the Private Outfit.
Play the “Clothing Change” Extra Episode in Memories.
Clicking the mouse while the girl is changing will let you open your eyes...!

In order to unlock the Swimsuit's Malfunction, you must awaken its Skill level to its maximum level.
When you open your eyes during the Episode, only the appearance of the swimsuit will change. There will be no effect on its parameters.

“Trendy Outfit Gacha (Luna・Misaki・Fiona)” is also being held!

A “Trendy Outfit Gacha (Luna・Misaki・Fiona)” where you can get the new SSR Swimsuits “Princess Grace (Luna),” “Princess Grace (Misaki)” and “Princess Grace (Fiona)” is also being held.
Please check the related notification for more information.

Click the image to jump to its corresponding notification.


The contents, dates, and times of the Event may change without prior notice. We ask for your understanding in advance.
The game screens used in this notification are still under development.
Please note that limited time only Events, Swimsuits, Accessories, and items may reappear.
We ask for your understanding in advance.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”
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