DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation
Rival Festival~Adult Wars~

“Rival Festival~Adult Wars~” Start Notification

2021/05/06 (Thu)
Thank you very much for playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”

The event “Rival Festival~Adult Wars~” will be held from 05/06 (Thu).

■Rival Festival~Adult Wars~

■ Event Period

2021/05/06 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 2021/05/11 (Tue) 14:59 UTC

■Event Details

During “Rival Festival~Adult Wars~,” have the girls that you've coached participate in the Beach Volleyball events to earn points for this Festival.

The “Golden Adult Trophies” you gain from winning Festivals can be used in the “Event Shop” in exchange for items.

Marie wakes Kanna up, who's been napping at the pool side.
When Marie treats her like a child, Kanna shows off her new swimsuit from the Boss.
Then the girls get into an argument about which of them is more mature, and decide to have a contest to determine whos is the more mature one...

Featured Event Score Rewards

You can earn various rewards based on the score you get during the Event.
Trend Ball
Event Episodes
FP Refill Drink

Featured Mission Rewards

You can earn various rewards by clearing missions during the Event.
Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupon
Hidden Power 4
Hidden Power 4
Hidden Power 4
Hidden Power 4

Featured Ranking Rewards

Milky Lace Brace
Within Top Ranked 6500!
Skill Awakening Gem

Nostalgic SSR Ticket
Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupon
VIP Coins
SSR Gacha Coupon
FP Refill Drink

<Important>Ranking Rewards Distribution Dates
Ranking Rewards for this Event will be distributed after the rankings have been determined,
from 2021/05/11 (Tue) 19:00 UTC onwards.
You can draw the “SSR Ticket Gacha” once with an “SSR Ticket.”
Collect 8 “SSR Gacha Coupons” and exchange them for one “SSR Ticket”
(They carry over even after the Event ends.)

Accessory “Milky Lace Brace (Sayuri)”
Sayuri's special SSR Accessory.
Max PP for Potentials (Maximum cost limit for equipping Potentials) is “18!”
The number of combinations for equipping Potentials increases!

Milky Lace Brace (Sayuri)
LV. 1
Maximum PP18
Skill【Double Reverse Attack Feint E】
35% chance when Attacking,
Technique +20%
Can only be worn by Sayuri.

“Milky Lace Brace (Sayuri)” does not include an Entry Sheet for Sayuri.

For each “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (2020/11),” you can get a guaranteed Limited SSR Swimsuit from the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket Gacha (2020/11)!”

The Swimsuits you can get from the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (2020/11)” are as follows.
    Blossom Feather (Kasumi)
    Soft 'n Fluffy Parka (Honoka)
    Luminous Plume (Marie)
    Tide Pool (Ayane)
    Red Caviar (Nyotengu)
    Clockwork (Kokoro)
    Colorful Wit (Hitomi)
    Dark Prison (Momiji)
    Liberte (Helena)
    Sunlight Humming (Misaki)
    Smile Pop (Luna)
    Aventure (Tamaki)
    Pure Concerto (Fiona)
    Wild Wind (Nagisa)
For details about the “Nostalgic SSR Ticket Gacha (2020/11),” please click here for more details.
Collect 8 “Nostalgic SSR Gacha Coupons (2020/11)” and exchange them for one “Nostalgic SSR Ticket (2020/11)!”

“Trend Ball” Login Bonus

In addition to the regular Login Bonus, we will be holding the “Trend Ball” Login Bonus.

Event Period

2021/05/06 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 2021/05/11 (Tue) 14:59 UTC
Day 1Trend Ball x 1
Day 2Trend Ball x 2
Day 3Trend Ball x 3
Day 4Trend Ball x 3
Day 5Trend Ball x 4
Day 6Trend Ball x 5

Beat high ranking owners to get “Vs. Bonus!”

The “Vs. Bonus” increases for higher ranking rivals. Pay attention to the following points:

The Opponents that you are matched against depends on your Owner Rank. If you have a Star Rank of S or higher, it's easier to challenge high ranking owners to earn more points

To get a higher Star Rank, you'll have to pass the Main Festival's “S Rank Promotion Test” and achieve an “S” in License Ranking.
What is “Star Rank?”
・Ranking is updated every day at 19:00 UTC based on total Appeal Points within a certain period.
・Every day at 19:00 UTC, the relative distribution of Star Ranks S to SSS+ are revised based on current ranking.

・Total Appeal Points are reset every Sunday 19:00 UTC.
For details on Star Rank, refer to “5-7 Star Rank” in the Game Help section.
(A separate window will open in the browser.)

There are many strong, high ranking rivals out there! Pay attention to the following points to ensure victory:

Use “Trend Balls” to takedown super high ranking opponents!

When a really high ranked Owner appears, it's an opportunity for you to earn lots of points!
Use “Trend Balls” to give a gigantic power-up to your girls, and challenge your opponents!

“Trend Ball (Event Day Only)” Usage Warning
There is a time limit regarding the “Trend Ball (Event Day Only)” item.
All held “Trend Ball (Event Day Only)” items will be reset every day at 19:00 UTC.
Viewing Opponents
Opponents are listed by ranking, from lowest to highest Owner Rank.
The difference in parameters (POW×2+TEC×2+STM) between your girls' and the Opponent's can be seen by the color of your Opponent's name. The Opponent's name will be red if yours are lower, blue if yours are higher, and white if they are similar.
“Softening Skills” and “Potentials upgraded by Rock Climbing” are not reflected in the parameters of the opponent girls.
Since the most recent parameters for the Opponent's girls are applied in this case, there may be differences between these values on the Festival Selection screen compared to during a match.
Even if a rival girl has a Deco-bromide equipped to her “Cheering Board,” no skills will be activated by the Deco-bromide.

Earn bonuses to achieve higher ranks!

You can also acquire a higher score by remembering the following points:

Wear a Trendy Outfit to get the Trend Bonus!

The following Outfits will activate Trend effects in the Event Festival:
Type Swimsuit Name Category Trend/Special Effects
Breezy Dance
Extra Large increase to Drop Count!
Increases even more when Max Awakened!
Guaranteed “Huge Success” for
Owner Room Job “'Create a Written
Report' as friends!” (Get 3 x )
Large increase to earned Girl EXP!
Extra Large increase to Acquired Score!
Extra Large bonus to !
Blue Rose Earrings
(Any Girl)
Small increase to Drop Count!
Small increase to Acquired Score!
bonuses indicate parameter ratios.
Through the Gachas below, you can get the following SSR Swimsuits that will activate Trend Bonuses during the Event Festival.

“Breezy Dance (Kanna),” “Breezy Dance (Marie)”
“Breezy Dance (Hitomi),” “Breezy Dance (Leifang)”

For details about the above Gachas, please click here.

Event-Exclusive Shop

Event Period

2021/05/06 (Thu) After maintenance ~ 2021/05/19 (Wed) Start of maintenance

Trade for Event-Exclusive Items!

Collect “Golden Adult Trophies” to exchange them for gorgeous prizes!

After the event-only shop is closed, you will no longer be able to exchange “Golden Adult Trophies.”
“Trend Balls” that can be acquired in “Rival Festival~Adult Wars~” can only be used until 2021/05/11 (Tue) 14:59:59 UTC respectively.
They can no longer be exchanged at the Event Shop from 2021/05/11 (Tue) 14:59:59 UTC onwards.

Golden Adult Trophy Bonus Exchange

Blue Rose Earrings
(Any Girl)
Trend Ball
Only 10 can
be exchanged
Trend Ball (Event Day Only)
10 can be
exchanged per day
Episode Coins
Hidden Power 1
Hidden Power 1
Hidden Power 1
Hidden Power 1
Pose Card
“Lying on Side, Stretching”
Unlock POW Stone
Unlock TEC Stone
Unlock STM Stone

Price change when buying Trend Balls


The contents, dates, and times of the Event may change without prior notice. We ask for your understanding in advance.
The game screens used in this notification are still under development.
Please note that limited time only Events, Swimsuits, Accessories, and items may reappear.
We ask for your understanding in advance.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy playing “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation.”
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